October 7, 2008
Internet Video - Programming The Web, Part Two

By James Erik Abels

October 7, 2008What's the new new thing in online media? Programming guides for Web video.

The latest entry, the Webisodes, launched Monday. It uses a slick interface to ferret out shows worth watching online and is aimed particularly at college students. But by announcing it with an ad on mediabistro.com, co-founders Gil and Oran Margulis showed off their real target audience: media executives flailing in the face of the Internet-video revolution…

NOTE: Dragonfly (dragonfly.com.) powers The Webisodes.com with 'best of class' video technology and empowers customers to own their networks and monetize their video assets.

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August 2008

Filmmakers' Forum – Creating IQ-145 for the Web

By Billy Dickson, ASC

August 2008… After testing several media-service companies, we eventually found Dragonfly.com. Its groundbreaking technology helped us get off the ground, and over the course of several months of testing, we helped refine a great delivery system for media on the Web. Dragonfly encodes for progressive-download Web and mobile delivery at the highest possible quality in H.264 and FLV format. As you select an episode to view, you can use low, medium, or high bandwidth. The player will then test your connection speed and send you optimal picture quality with glitch-free results. The high bandwidth delivers full-screen, HD-quality video. Dragonfly did amazing corrections for every download compression, keeping the blacks at the right level without raising chroma.

This was an amazing experience for me, and I look forward to production of season 2.

Episodes of IQ-145 can be viewed at http://www.IQ-145.com.

Source: American Cinematographer – subscription required
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May 5, 2008
You Are Getting Creative, Very Creative
By Aili McConnon

May 5, 2008 … Guy Nouri, CEO of Web video-networking company Dragonfly, says Solovay's sessions moved Dragonfly toward a focus – "innovate, simplify, and inspire"- that helped it sell services to the likes of Hilton and Fendi. "Initialy I was skeptical," he says, "but it was very practical."

April 17, 2008
The Smart Money Watches You Watch Videos
Sophisticated Tracking Gives Marketers a New Edge
By Kim Hart, Washington Post Staff Writer

April 17, 2008 At the Catamount Ski Resort on the border of New York and Massachusetts, Vice President of Marketing Rich Edwards started posting homemade videos about the mountain on the resort's Web site. After putting new content on the site, Edwards said he notices an increase in online lift ticket sales, group lesson sales and lodging reservations.

Dragonfly, the company that hosts Catamount's videos, gauges the duration of viewing in terms of "vunits," or minutes of viewed video measured in 10-second intervals. Edwards said the videos have received 275,000 "vunits" since December.

He attributes the overall increase in business to the popularity of the site's video content and plans next season to use the data to solicit advertising for the site. 

The data "tells me people are staying on the Web site," he said. "They might not be looking at the video for the whole three minutes, but while the video is running they're looking at our specials, our lesson packages." ...

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April 16, 2008
Catamount integrates online video to entice visitors
By Tanya Meyer, BtoBOnline

April 16, 2008Catamount Ski Resort, a smoky mountain hideaway located in Hillsdale between New York and Massachusetts, is not the largest ski resort in the region, but it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Two years ago, Catamount experienced a record season and sales increases thanks to an online marketing platform that provides both real-time tracking and analytics.

“Dragonfly approached us in February 2007. Their offices are a few miles away where their conference room overlooks our ski area,” said Rich Edwards, VP-marketing at Catamount Ski Resort. Dragonfly is an Internet video solutions provider that allows companies big and small to build revenue through full-spectrum, streaming HD video with advanced analytics.

“[Catamount’s] Web site was OK, but they wanted to expand,” said Guy Nouri, founder and chairman-CEO of Dragonfly.

In March, the Catamount site (www.catamountski.com) logged 35,000 viewer minutes, and 80,000 through January and February.

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April 14, 2008
Tremor Media Launches Acudeo – The Next Generation Online Video Monetization Platform

New York – April 14, 2008Tremor Media (www.tremormedia.com), the leading online video advertising network, today announced that it has launched the beta version of Acudeo, their next generation Video Monetization Platform...

Acudeo launch partner Dragonfly is an Internet video delivery solution provider that enables businesses to build new revenue and retention programs around picture perfect, full screen video with up to HD quality and advanced analytics. "In addition to providing our publishers with a high-definition capable player, Tremor's Acudeo brings ROI through advertising to our publishers from day one, " said Guy Nouri, Dragonfly CEO.

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March 27, 2008
Dragonfly delivers content by video with local ads
By Mary Hunt, Classified Intelligence Report

Mar. 27, 2008 Local publishers need hyperlocal content to compete and attract – or keep – local advertisers. That’s the truism that rules the current marketplace. But ow
to add local video inexpensively enough to attract local classified advertisers is the question.

A start-up, Dragonfly, is looking to fill that niche. And it’s looking good enough to investors to have recently attracted $2 million more in financing, bringing its total investment to date to more than $3 million.

Dragonfly CEO and founder Guy Nouri told Classified Intelligence, “Two big things are going on online right now, social networking and video. Video is moving away from Flash and multimedia tricks. Flash is also very expensive; video is common, easier
to use, you can capture anything.”

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March 19, 2008
Startups Continue to Segment the Web Video Publishing Opportunity
By Peter Lambert

Mar. 19, 2008 Startup white-label Web video publisher/distributor Dragonfly has garnered $3 million in funding to target the still wide-open market between high-end commercial content operations like Hulu and low-end user-generation video operations like YouTube.It’s primary target is business-to-business, “because these are people planning two years in advance, they have budgets, they have specific messages, and they’re trying do well on the Internet,” says Founder and CEO, Guy Nouri. “In the vagueries of the online world, it’s pretty nice to have something a little more rock solid.”

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March 4, 2008
Dragonfly To Showcase HD Quality Internet Videosite Technology at Digital Velocity Show
NEW YORK – Mar. 4, 2008 Dragonfly®, an Internet videosite network provider, announced it will be showcasing its Movie Maker® technology today at American Business Media’s annual Digital Velocity show, held March 4-5, at the Hilton New York in New York City. The show attracts all levels of company leadership that want to fully capitalize on the digital opportunity.Dragonfly founder and CEO, Guy Nouri, will be part of an interactive roundtable discussion on how to better utilize the Internet and high-quality videos to engage audiences. The roundtable is being held on Wednesday, March 5, from 12:25 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. as part of the luncheon speaker program.

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February 29, 2008
Dragonfly Buzzes With $3M Angel Round
By Ty McMahan GuyTech USA Inc., operator of online video platform Dragonfly, has closed a $3 million round of angel financing.

Chief Executive Guy Nouri said the funding will be used to build the company's partner network and to continue to add features to the platform."We focus not so much on the top and bottom of the pyramid, but the middle of the pyramid," Nouri said. "There are a lot of mid-size businesses who want to use video."...

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February 28, 2008
Dragonfly HD Web Video Distributor Raises $3M in Angel Funding
By Paul Glazowski

Dragonfly, a NY-based company specializing in Internet video distribution, founded in 2006, has announced today its receipt of $3m in angel investments from a variety of sources, including Ed Herrington (VistaPrint funder), David Solomon, and former NFL athlete Joe Theismann.

The Web video distributor purports to be building a "next-generation HD video network," and is looking to secure customers big and small with a technology that "vastly improves the way online video is compressed, delivered, and measured." Measured being the most prominent keyword...

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February 28, 2008
Dragonfly Secures Additional Capital to Build Out Next Generation HD Video Network
NEW YORK – Feb. 28, 2008 Dragonfly®, an Internet video distribution provider, announced it has closed over $3 million in funding to date from a group of strategic individual investors . Dragonfly is using this investment to enhance its world-class multimedia content delivery network. In the coming months, the company will be looking to build out its partner network in an effort to more quickly integrate and monetize high-quality HD video into additional portals and platforms.

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December 2007 Issue
Keep your video efforts short and to the point—don’t try to be a TV station

Folio Magazine
“IN TERMS OF content, magazines are much stronger than television. And I think publishers may forget that,” says Guy Nouri, CEO of Dragonfly, an online video networking company. What Nouri means is publishers shouldn’t take their eyes off the print ball while creating their online video platform. “Magazine publishers don’t have to broadcast, they can narrowcast.” Here’s what Nouri recommends for magazine publishers as they launch their video strategy…"

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December 12, 2007
Musicians Bring Instruments to Gulf Coast Kids
By Shaoshao Chen
Epoch Times Houston Staff
New Orleans, LA — December 12, 2007 — Camping in a van in still sparsely populated southern Louisiana, two men and a trunk full of flutes, clarinets and trumpets are on a mission. The instruments are donations garnered to replace those lost in Hurricane Katrina. The men are musician Bill Hudson and Michael Meade.Led by Virginia-based Hudson, their grass-root "Feel Good Tour" performs in New Orleans communities still rebuilding from Katrina, seeking to "heal through

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December 10, 2007
WebVideo Summit Fall ‘07
Creating & Distributing Video Over the Net

NEW YORK — December 10, 2007 — Guy Nouri, CEO of Dragonfly has been invited to address the New York-style Video Innovation and Networking Reception as an expert speaker 5:30pm Monday, December 10, at the WebVideo Summit, The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

November 30, 2007
Generosity with Strings
BY Christopher Dela Cruz
Star-Ledger StaffHudson launched the "Feel Good Tour" shortly after Hurricane Katrina and enlisted the financial support of Dragonfly.com, a software company…"We all wanted to do something right after Katrina," said Hudson, who has made nine trips to the area to distribute instruments to the schools. "The way musicians do things is with music. Music is a great healer."

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November 26, 2007
TV Guide Sci-Fi Webisodes – Star Trek New Voyages -- WINNER
Ticonderoga, NY — November 26, 2007 — Star Trek New Voyages is a fan-created series designed as a continuation of the original Star Trek, beginning in the fourth year of the starship Enterprise’s five-year journey. Dragonfly & VeriSign, Inc., (NASDAQ: VRSN), the leading provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world, and DRAGONFLY ® (www.dragonfly.com), the Internet video network, jointly launched the latest episode of Star Trek New Voyages: "World Enough and Time", featuring George Takei reprising his role and Sulu, in standard, high-definition, and mobile device-compatible formats.

November 26, 2007
Star Trek New Voyages Wins TV Guide Award
by Anthony Pascale

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November 14, 2007
IBM - Dragonfly announces its acceptance to IBM's PartnerWorld

NEW YORK — November 14, 2007 — After successfully completing IBM’s rigorous SOA (service-oriented architecture) technical and business requirements, Dragonfly was invited to be a part of the IBM SOA Business Catalog, in the Media and Entertainment section. Dragonfly connects to the IBM Media Hub and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) product offerings.

November 12, 2007
Highlights From Mediaweek's Media All-Stars Luncheon
Mediaweek Staff Report
By Matthew Schwartz NEW YORK — November 12, 2007 — Some 600 of the media industry's top executives attended Mediaweek's annual Media All-Star luncheon Nov. 12 at the Grand Hyatt in New York. Click the link to check out video interviews with this year's winners, including GroupM's Rino Scanzoni, Mediaweek's Executive of the Year; the event's cocktail hour; and winner acceptance speeches. Also, view coverage from last year's event.


November 6, 2007
ABM panel: Video looks good, but be aware of costs
BtoB Magazine for Marketing Strategists
By Matthew Schwartz CHICAGO, IL — November 6, 2007 — Although online video can be an effective tool for business publishers, they must be cautious about the associated costs and, perhaps more important, the issue of who controls the content, according to a panel that kicked off American Business Media’s Top Management Meeting Monday in Chicago.“When someone in your organization says, ‘Hey, we can put video on Google,’ stop and think twice,” said Guy Nouri, CEO of Dragonfly.Nouri added: “When you start adding video it’s not a [Web] site but a network that you have to manage. And I promise that most of you will be running one this time in a year.”…

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October 30, 2007
VeriSign and Dragonfly Team to Deliver Star Trek® New Voyages:
LOS ANGELES, CA - October 30, 2007 Today, VeriSign, Inc., (NASDAQ: VRSN), the leading provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world, and DRAGONFLY ® ( www.dragonfly.com ), the Internet video network, announced the joint launch of the latest episode of Star Trek® New Voyages: "WORLD ENOUGH and TIME.""Broadcasters and Internet publishers are looking for the most effective way to distribute their licensed content to Internet audiences everywhere," said Jeff Richards, vice president, broadband content services, VeriSign. "The VeriSign Intelligent CDN enables the Dragonfly media platform to offer high-quality, full screen, long format video that is delivered with a world-class end user experience in mind. No special browser, client or download is required to consume the content," continued Richards...

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October 1, 2007
Using Online Video to Engage Your Audience
Circulation Management Magazine
Monday, October 01, 2007
By Chandra Johnson-Greene

It's no wonder that publishers are jumping on the online video bandwagon to increase traffic on their sites. But why should circulators care? …Mediaweek's Michael Burgi says "Time spent on our site ramped up dramatically since adding video. We averaged just a couple minutes before. Now we get people spending 15-18 minutes on average with videos."Even American Business Media, … has turned to online video to increase Web traffic. The association's Web site, which has also chosen Dragonfly to provide its platform, has increased its traffic by almost 10 percent every month since the association started using it, according Steve Ennen, VP, digital business strategies, ABM...[click here to view complete article on Circulation Management Magazine website]

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September 14, 2007
Dragonfly Powers American Business Media’s ABM Video Network

New York, NY, September 14, 2007 -- Dragonfly™ (http://www.dragonfly.com), the Internet video network company, is partnering with American Business Media (ABM) to provide multimedia services to the association’s web site. ABM is using Dragonfly to power its ABM Video Network, where ABM presents interviews with leaders in the worlds of business-to-business media and marketing and other news in a variety of media formats. The ABM Video Network can be found on the ABM home page at http://www.americanbusinessmedia.com/.

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June 14, 2007
Dragonfly Returns to French Riviera

Hillsdale, NY (PRWEB) June 14, 2007 -- Dragonfly (http://www.dragonfly.com), the Internet video network company based in Hillsdale, NY, is going back to the French Riviera for the second year in a row. The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (IAF) is the largest conference in the world for advertising professionals, and once again Dragonfly will partner with Adweek and enable their online videosite coverage of it.

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February 22, 2007
Orin Wechsberg Joins Dragonfly's Board of Directors

NEW YORK, NY -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- February 22, 2007 — Dragonfly™ (www.dragonfly.com), the Internet video network company that provides enterprise level technology solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Orin Wechsberg to its Board of Directors.

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January 29, 2007
Dragonfly chosen to showcase 'the next wave of innovation' at the prestigious SIIA Previews

NEW YORK— Software Information Industry Association presented their all-new Information Industry Summit prequel event, the SIIA Previews, on Monday, January 29, 2007.   The event is where the next wave of innovation is showcased through promising Presenting Companies that create, deliver or protect content. 

CEO and Founder, Guy Nouri, presented Dragonfly in the 'content delivery' category. 

The event was sponsored by CIBC World Markets, 300 Madison Avenue, New York and featured a keynote address by VC guru Fred Wilson, Managing Partner at Flatiron Partners & Union Square Ventures, moderator Joel Dreyfuss, Editor-in-Chief of Red Herring, and a networking cocktail reception.

November 20, 2006
Power lunch with the Media All-Stars— at your desk!

NEW YORK— join Mediaweek and Dave Price and experience the event personally. Visit the videosite directly at: http://channels.dragonfly.com/mediaallstars07

November 15, 2006
Dragonfly to create videosite for the 21st Annual MEDIA ALL-STARS Awards Luncheon hosted by Mediaweek

NEW YORK— Dragonfly (http://www.dragonfly.com) to create videosite for the 21st Annual MEDIA ALL-STARS Awards Luncheon hosted by Mediaweek, sponsored by CBS. The event is to take place at the Hilton Hotel in NYC Thursday, November 16th. This all-star salute honors the best and brightest in the industry and garners attention from the biggest names in media.

September 21, 2006
Dragonfly creates videosites for Brandweek’s Marketer of the Year Awards and AdWeek’s ANA coverage at the ANA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL

ORLANDO, FL—September 21, 2006—Dragonfly (http://www.dragonfly.com) partnered with Brandweek and Adweek magazines to provide each magazine with a unique videosite with content created specially for the ANA Annual conference showing by example the conference theme "Reinvention and Innovation".

Visit: http://channels.dragonfly.com/brandweekmoy.moy.2007/

July 13, 2006
Dragonfly Named ''Flash 8 Site of the Month'' by On2 Technologies; Pilot Project for Adweek Delivered Online Multimedia Coverage from the Cannes IAF Festival

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 2006--Dragonfly technology (http://www.dragonfly.com), a new standard for digital communication on the Internet, today announced the company's pilot project with Adweek (http://channels.dragonfly.com/adweekcannes07) delivering online multimedia reporting from the Cannes IAF festival has been recognized "Flash 8 Site of the Month" for June 2006 by On2 Technologies (http://www.on2.com/video_samples/flash8sotm/).

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July 11, 2006
Experiential Travel Meets Experiential Technology: Relief Rides Come Alive

Pioneering humanitarian/adventure travel company Relief Riders International (RRI) has partnered with the innovative technology company, Dragonfly, to bring its Relief Rides to life via the internet.Great Barrington, MA (PRWEB) July 11, 2006 -- Pioneering humanitarian/adventure travel company Relief Riders International (RRI) has partnered with the innovative technology company, Dragonfly, to bring its Relief Rides to life via the internet. Click here to experience Relief Riders International’s Dragonfly experience www.reliefriders.com.

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June 20, 2006
Dragonfly Launches, Raises $1.3 Million Angel Financing

Residents of Columbia County, New York Contribute To Development and Launch of Local Internet Company

New York, NY, June 20, 2006 -- GuyTech USA, Inc., the developer of Dragonfly technology, a new standard for digital communication on the Internet, today announced the company has raised $1.3 million in angel financing. More than 40 percent of the investors are residents of Hillsdale, NY, and the surrounding area, where the company is based.

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June 18, 2006
Dragonfly in collaboration with Adweek Magazine created an in-depth videosite for 53rd International Advertising Festival - Cannes Lions -held June 2006 in Cannes, France.

CANNES, FRANCE — Dragonfly (http://www.dragonfly.com) attended the 53rd International Advertising Festival - Cannes Lions for the first time this year. Cannes Lions is the largest gathering of worldwide advertising professionals and advertisers as well as the most prestigious annual advertising awards. The AdWeek Cannes Dragonfly videosite contained over 90 minutes of relevant, breaking-news content to a worldwide audience.

Visit: http://channels.dragonfly.com/adweekcannes07/

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