Step 1:   Download and install the Yahoo Widget Engine
Step 2:   Download the MovieMaker® Widget

Windows users: save the widget to My Documents\My Widgets and extract the zip file there.

Mac users: double-click on the downloaded .zip file to extract the widget (if this is not automatically extracted), then double-click on the Movie Maker®.widget file to install and run it.

Step 3:   Register a videosite name, check your email to activate.
Step 4:   Create your videosite, publish it, share it, embed it, send it...
Flash video encoders:   To drag and drop your video onto your widget, it must be encoded it the Flash Video (FLV) format.
Here are free / low-cost FLV encoders for Windows PC users, and Mac Users
  We highly recommend the On2 Flix Exporter and Flix Pro applications for the highest-quality professional flash video.